***Disclaimer – Anything posted on this site is strictly my opinion or that of others if re-posted.  Any correlation or similarity to any person or company is purely coincidental.  And if you have a problem with that, go write your own blog!

Who am I?

I’m an Senior Systems Engineer/Technical Architect and when I’m not with my family or working my organic garden I moonlight as a small time developer and IT guru. Below are just some of the projects I’m involved with or have been. Those that have talked to me know that I am always willing to help anyone with no obligations so long as I have the time. I have no formal training in web development aside from a few classes I took. Everything else I’ve learned on my own through hard work and the kind guidance of others.

I strongly believe that one person can make a difference but it takes many to appreciate that difference.

Aside from the things in my resume I’m involved in:


Phoenixville Borough Planning Commission Member
Phoenixville Borough Historical Architecture Review Board Member
company Impact Day Co-Leader – Coled a group of my company colleges at Delaware Literacy Council in Chester, PA.
Phoenixville Time Bank Member and IT volunteer – Help coordinators and other members with any IT issues from desktop support to Infrastructure Architecture.
TimeBank Tech Corps USA – Volunteer as  Drupal/Web Development guru to help guide tech decisions at TBUSA.

Managed Hosted Sites:

TwoVeganParents.com – A personal site for our family built with Drupal 7
LisaLongo.me – A political op ed site built with WordPress
HiTek51.com – Electronics dealer online store built with PrestaShop


PrestaShop Development
Open source projects on Google Code

OCMoto.com – Started the group in April 2006


Family – As in Lilo and Stich, family is the most important! :-D
Microsoft Data Protection Manager & Backups
– Yes, I consider this a hobby since this is primarily all I do at work for nearly 8 hours a day and 60+ DPM Servers.  I plan on posting more backup related posts to the blog on this site and hopefully one day starting a podcast.
Organic Gardening – Being a Vegan and cautious eater we’ve decided to take about 200+ sq ft of our front lawn and turn it into a vegetable garden.  We don’t use any and only plant heirloom organic non-gmo seeds from companies that have signed the Safe Seed Pledge.  The goal is to one day produce enough to fresh veggies to our friends, neighbors, and local food banks.
Drupal – Although I don’t spend as much time as I wish I really admire the power and modularity of Drupal.  Admittedly this site is WordPress which is my second CMS of choice, and only still up as it’s been around for years.  One day I’ll get around to moving it to Drupal when I can harness it’s power for than a blog/personal site.
Parkour – Not professionally or anything crazy like jumping off buildings, I do have a family!  But the idea of getting from point A to B in the most efficient manner overcoming any obstacle that’s in your way is a great metaphor for how I strive to live everyday.  I’m still starting learning basic acrobatics at the Y so for now it’s just for fun and to push myself.

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