SECRETS OF A LUXURY ESCORTBeing an escort Paris is not the easiest job on the planet. One may think that it does not involve too much of a work. But, it actually does. It involves class, patience and glamour. Escorts need to be all of these, and more. If you wish to become a high class or luxury escort, there are some tips and tricks you need to know before starting, and they are exposed here just for you.

Perfect grooming

There are many escorts out there, but one of the aspects that differentiate them from one another is their grooming.

A perfect escort Paris should always be clean and neat, and if you think you meet all these criteria, then you need to look the part. If clients are ready to pay huge sums of money to spend quality time with you, it is necessary you give them the envy to do so and to come back for more.

Therefore, the perfect lingerie, the appropriate manicures (simple and elegant), and the nicest, yet, simple makeup are tools that help you differentiate yourself from others. Luxury has nothing to do with too much of these. Classy, elegant and posh are the adjectives that classify a luxury and high class escort Paris like the women from SexeModel.

No judgement

A luxury escort Paris is one who is understanding and not judgemental. Your clients come to you for relaxation, fun and to have a good time, and not to be lecture about their lifestyle. As a perfect luxury hostess, it is important you are open-minded, comforting and compassionate towards your clients. They must feel appreciated, and it is definitely not your place to judge them about their behaviours or looks.

With the amount of escorts out there, possessing all these qualities will help you stand out, and you will definitely live a long lasting impression on your clients who will want more and always contact you, because they will feel understood and catered for.

Being attentive and listening to clients

As high class and luxury escorts, this is what makes the difference with the others. Whether the clients talk to you about their problems, their wives, kids or job, it is important you seem interested in them, listen to them and even ask question. They will feel relaxed and confident.

They need to get the best experience ever from you, to keep coming back for more, and these little things are really what distinguish you from the others.

No alcohol or drugs while working

Although you may be exposed several times to drugs and alcohol, it is important you avoid getting high or drunk during your working times. How would you be a high profile escort if you are incapable of controlling yourself? You need to have your wits about you.

Remember, you are the one to set your standards and your rules. As you make your bed, that is how you lay in it. If you sell yourself cheap, your clients will take you cheap; and if you give yourself value, there will definitely value you.